Cooke Precast Concrete produces precast concrete products and glass reinforced concrete products also known as GRC. We operate two production facilities and a large storage yard for transportation. We are also agents for EJ Australia access covers and manufacturers of custom built
pumping stations.

What is Concrete

Concrete’s origin can be traced back to the Mediterranean in early Romans times where deposits of volcanic ash (with its cement like properties) were used primarily as a masonry jointing material. However the early Roman method was not with-out it’s problems, as they had not attempted to reinforce it to overcome its inherent tensional weakness. The use of metal as reinforcement was not done until as late as the 1850’s in France. Apart from the use of modern day admixtures, mixing a selection of aggregate, sand,cement with water to create concrete, or reinforced concrete
is not much different today as compared to the early
French version.