Technical Specifications

Mininmum concrete strength used for standard range of product is 32mpa. Higher strength and/ or calcerous aggregrates for specialist items, Sewer Access Chambers/ pump pits etc. are available. Non standard mix designs can be used upon request.

All concrete supplied for manufacturing is to the specification of AS 1379.

Steel reinforcing bars and wires used for precast products conform to AS 1302 & AS 1303.

Steel welded wire reinforcing fabric used for precast products conforms to AS 1304.

Cast-iron access covers are designed and tested under the guidelines of AS 3996.

Sewer and water access covers, inspection openings and support blocks have been approved for use by SA Water and have been tested under AS 3996 when required. Certificate of Product Authorisation can be supplied upon request.

All precast concrete trade waste arrestors are made to SA Water/ Trade Waste department Standards.

All septic tanks(3,000 to 30,000 litre) are approved by SA Department of Environmental and Health Services.